Red River Gorge Engagement Session


This Red River Gorge Engagement was especially fun for me because it was for my own cousin and her fiancé! We headed out to the Gorge on a beautiful fall day and hit up two of my favorite trails. Angels Windows and Chimney Top Rock trails are wonderful options for your Red River Gorge Engagement Session. Both trails are pretty short at just .25 miles. They are also fairly easy and accessible, in fact much of the Chimney Top Rock trail is paved.

Alicia and Joey will be getting married this coming summer cliffside in Oregon. They will be sharing their vows with just the two of them. It has been so much fun planning all the events around her wedding, from dress shopping to pinning down details and colors to be used on her big day. When Alicia decided that she wanted to have her engagement session at the Gorge I was so excited. RRG is easily my favorite spot for engagement photos in Kentucky for those couples who are willing to drive and get a bit adventurous. There is a wide array of trails to suit everyones abilities and landscape needs.

After your RRG session, you can grab a bite at one of the best pizza places ever after your session. Seriously though. I never miss an opportunity to head to Miguel’s Pizza after a long day of hiking and shooting. Miguel’s is a hot spot for rock climbers and hikers alike and the food is INCREDIBLE. You can even have a wedding here, and it’s definitely on my bucket list!

Hit my up here if you’d like to chat with me about setting up your Red River Gorge Engagement Session (or if you want to plan the coolest gorge elopement, we could even have the reception at Miquel’s!)

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