Boudoir photography is for YOU. You in this very moment. Not when you loose the weight and not when you have someone to give them. I believe every woman deserves to have a life-changing and transformative experience that boudoir sessions with me provide. It's more than just a photography session resulting in gorgeous portraits, this experience gives you the permission to express your sensual side and is a celebration of your womanhood unapologetically.

You're about to change the way you see yourself

Meet Sydney

I may be the girl behind the camera, but I’m also your personal hype woman and your biggest fan. And that photo that you just scrolled past? That’s me. Yep... I posted a photo of myself in lingerie because I believe that making connections with my clients and sharing an experience, like boudoir, makes this even more authentic.

My work is all about authenticity, and it just didn't feel right to preach about confidence, trust, and empowerment without putting myself in those shoes. I know what it’s like to question your own self-worth and to allow only your physical attributes to determine your beauty. We've all been there, especially in the age of social media.  Having your photo taken in your favorite lingerie can be scary but that’s the beauty of it - as womxn, we spend most of our young adult and adult lives wondering if we’re good enough only to walk out of a session like this realizing that we always have  been.

I'm Sydney, your future boudoir photographer

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Busting Boudoir Myths

1. "I'm self insecure and am camera shy"

Girl-- we all can be! And honestly, that's the beauty of boudoir. It's all about embracing your beauty. I totally get it, it's hard to take a step back and appreciate ourselves. But boudoir helps us to see ourselves through someone else's eyes! I am here to make you feel like the bad ass that you are! I promise by the end of your session we will be best friends. I am so ready to be your personal hype woman!

2. "I want to work on my dream body first!"

Want to know something super sad? Did you know only 5% of women possess the natural body type that is portrayed in most of the media? You were uniquely made and deserve to celebrate the body you have today! This is something I am working on myself, loving my body through every step of its journey. And who's to say you can't have more than one boudoir session throughout your journey?!

3."I don't want my photos to be posted anywhere on the internet."

Boudoir photos are NEVER shared on social media unless explicit permission is given and a release is signed. These photos are for your eyes and/or your partners if you choose to share them. If you want your photos to be shared online, more power to ya girlfriend and I will be happy and excited to do so, but I totally understand that its not for everyone!