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Bucket list photography locations are always a top of conversation. I’ve been to plenty of beautiful spots, but I do have a running list of the places I’d love to shoot weddings or couples sessions within the United States. While it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10, these are my tops!

1. Big Sur, California

I’m a huge beach girl, so its no surprise that Big Sur is at the top of my Bucket list photography locations. Those seaside cliffs are just to die for!

2. Yosemite National Park

Those sweeping mountain views are unbeatable.

3. Antelope Canyon, AZ

That golden light. Those sculpted slot canyon walls. wowza.

4. Neon Museum, Las Vegas

I visited the Neon Museum years ago when I was living in Vegas. It is way cool. It’s basically a boneyard for all the old neon signs of Vegas past. I’ve got an elopement here later in the year, needless to say.. I’m pumped!

5. Moab, Utah

I really am a sucker for a desert landscape.

6. The Adirondacks, NY

Mountains and greenery galore. Plus, they have stunning wildflower valleys in the spring and summer.

7. Glacier National Park, MO

So many stunning spots from the rainbow colored rocks in the lakes to the mountain peaks.

8. Acadia National Park, ME

Maine in the fall is stunning, and Acadia is no exception.

9. Badlands National Park, SD

There’s just something so unique about this landscape, I love it!

10. Imperial Sand Dunes

I visited the Imperial dunes this summer….. all I can say is wow. They go on for as far as the eye can see and are just incredible.

In love with any of these spots like me? Let’s chat! There are no additional travel fees for elopement or weddings in any of these spots, so here is your chance to have your bucket list big day!

Bucket List Photography Locations Achieved!

This year I had the pleasure of knocking off 2 bucket list locations: Joshua Tree National Park and Garden of the Gods. Here are some of my favorite photos from visiting these two incredible spots!

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