Best Engagement Session Locations in Louisville- Falls of the Ohio


The Falls of the Ohio are hands down one of the best engagement session locations in Louisville. While the Falls of the Ohio is technically in Indiana, it’s just across the bridge from downtown Louisville. There is no permit required to shoot at the Falls, admission is only a $2 parking fee. Park hours are from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM, which gives you the perfect window for either morning or evening sessions.

What makes the Falls of the Ohio one of the best engagement session locations in Louisville is the variety of landscape. A brown and red fossil bed of limestone was created due to erosion that contrasts beautifully with the water of the Ohio River. A big attraction of the fossil bed is that it almost looks like a spot you’d find out west, or at least not in Kentucky. At one angle out on the rocks you’ve got a gorgeous view of the flowing river. Turn the other way and you’ve got sweeping views of the bridges and the Louisville cityscape. It’s actually one of my go to’s for grabbing a skyline shot! There is also a section of the park with gorgeous driftwood, loads of trees, and lots of green space.

For this specific engagement session, I thought the Falls would be the perfect option for Olivia and Mike’s engagement session. When I think of Olivia, the words playful and unique come to mind. The Falls provided the perfect backdrop to play with movement and intentional blur. Plus, how beautifully do the fossil beds compliment Olivia and Mikes freckles?!

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