Three Must Listen to Wedding Podcasts

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Wedding planning can be incredibly overwhelming, but you already knew that. Maybe that’s why you landed here. If there are two things I love, they are weddings and podcasts (seriously… my life is consumed by both). In my search for podcasts to listen to while editing or driving to weddings I came across these 5 must listen wedding podcasts. I think you’ll love them as much as I do!


Bridechilla is all about bringing back the focus to the most important part of a wedding: YOU. Brides often times get so caught up in the small details and forget that the whole point of your wedding is celebrating the love you and your partner share. Not what mom wants. Not what grandma wants. And definitely not what your boss from 10 years ago wants. Each episode is filled to the brim with advice on how to plan the wedding that YOU want without all the stress. Aleisha, the founder of Bridechilla, decided to launch wedding planning guides after navigating her own engagement. Those wedding guides are killer!

My favorite episode: Stop Saying Yes to Sh*t You Hate (Ep. 299)

Betches Brides

Hosted by Jordana Abraham and Nicole Pellegrino (who I absolutely love, by the way), Betches Brides combines the perfect amount of humor with some hard hitting truths about the struggle of planning your wedding. From choosing bridesmaids to planning the perfect honeymoon, these girls have you covered. Plus, if you love wedding related memes, their Instagram is full of them

My favorite episode: Budgeting for the Wedding 101

Hue I Do

Two besties, Ashley and Toniah, recognized a gap when it came to Black representation in the wedding podcast world. I started listening to this podcast in order to educate myself and better serve my brides. It is a wonderful resources for both brides and vendors. I absolutely fell in love with these two and they cover any and everything from dealing with bridesmaids and family to fashion inspiration.

My favorite episode: What to Look for When Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Bonus favorite episode for wedding vendors to listen to: How the Wedding Industry has Failed Black Lesbians

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Have your own favorite wedding podcasts? Drop them in the comments!!

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