Top 5 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Session

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The reasons to book a boudoir session are plentiful, but if you’re reading this you might be on the fence about moving forward. I get countless boudoir inquiries a week, but more often than not ladies end up passing. I hear everything from I am waiting for the “right time” to I need to spend a few months in the gym before getting in front of the camera. It seems that everyone is waiting for something, but I am here to tell you that the time to book a boudoir session is now. Here are the top 5 reasons to book a boudoir session:

1. Celebrate your body as it is in this moment

Want to know something super sad? Did you know only 5% of women possess the natural body type that is portrayed in most of the media? You were uniquely made and deserve to celebrate the body you have today! This is something I am working on myself, loving my body through every step of its journey. And who’s to say you can’t have more than one boudoir session throughout your journey?! You are so beautiful just the way you are, and boudoir sessions are a safe place for all bodies.

2. Female empowerment

“I’m self insecure and am camera shy”

Girl– we all can be! And honestly, that’s the beauty of boudoir. It’s all about embracing your beauty. I totally get it, it’s hard to take a step back and appreciate ourselves. But boudoir helps us to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes! I am here to make you feel like the bad ass that you are! I promise by the end of your session we will be best friends and you will leave feeling so empowered. I am beyond ready to be your personal hype woman! You’ll walk away from the studio with some gorgeous portraits and a great reminder that you are beautiful inside and out.

3. You’re getting married, hell yes!

He put a ring on it, now you can hand it over to the boudoir specialists! Boudoir sessions make for a wonderful gift to give to your significant other on your wedding day. Imagine your partners face on your wedding morning when they open a book full of your sexiest, most confident photos. He will be so excited to see you walk down that aisle. Plus, a boudoir session before your wedding can give you that confidence boost you need for your big day!

4. You’re pregnant!

There is nothing more magical than the miracle of life. Pregnancy bodies are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. You can totally combine a maternity session with a boudoir session for those staple belly shots. Maternity boudoir is the perfect way to capture your beauty and strength as you grow a life inside of you. Your pregnancy might only last 9 months, but you’ll cherish these images for a lifetime

5. You’re experiencing heartbreak

Sometimes we need that extra push and reminder that we are worthy of self love. Break ups and divorces suck. We’ve all been there. We all know how tough they can be. Embrace your new found freedom and remember that you are still beautiful. These photos are for you and you only.

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