Cemetery Engagement Session


“We want to do a Cemetery Engagement Session”. Words I never thought I’d hear, but I am so glad that I did. Mellissa won a free engagement session from the Lexington Bridal Fest Expo in June. She loves all things spooky just like I do, and wanted to have their photos done at a location that reflected that, cue cemetery engagement session! I love everything about this session. From the gorgeous tulle skirt to her incredible unique ring. They even brought skulls from their collection at home. Was I sweating and covered in bug bites by the end of this session? Yes. Was it totally worth it? Of course. Trust me, I will always be that photographer that is willing to roll around in tall grass just to get that perfect shot.

These two were sweet as honey, which is even more ironic considering they keep bees! Seriously though, we had a long chat about how bad allergies were in Kentucky. I had mentioned that I kept hearing that local honey does wonders for allergies. They were nice enough to gift me a bottle of their honey!

I’m always ecstatic to do engagement sessions like this one where I truly feel that it is reflective of the couple as individuals. Don’t ever feel like you need to fit the mold when it comes to your save the date sessions. The possibilities are endless. Whether it be a cemetery engagement session or a bowling alley couples shoot, choose something that feels right for your relationship. Same goes for your wardrobe, wear what makes YOU feel good. Not what you think others want to see you in.

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