✩ Sydney Darwin

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A Louisville Rooftop Couples session had been on my bucket list for quite sometime. So, you have no idea how excited I was to get Amber and Marcus in front of my camera. We had such a great time during this session (Marcus was the true creative, he came with so many of his own […]

Downtown Louisville Rooftop Couples Session

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We hear about destination weddings all the time, but who says you can’t have a destination couples Session? The light in the desert just hits differently, and you could have a gorgeous back drop like these! A destination engagement to the beach or mountains not only gives you the chance to switch up the scenery, […]

Destination Couples Session- Grace and Chris

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Nothing like a creative pal to indulge you in your wacky ideas! Honestly who knew that a Walmart parking lot session could end up so cool?! Cassidy and Zach absolutely killed this look!

Walmart Parking Lot Couples Session

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I spent a full two years passing through Union Station each day. I had never put much thought to the idea of using it as a location for a session, but I am so glad that we ended up here. The architecture is so cool and the shadows cast as the sun starts to go […]

Union Station Couples Session